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Oxygen Concentrators in Bangladesh: A Vital Lifeline for Respiratory Patients

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps patients with respiratory problems to breathe more easily. It works by removing nitrogen from the air and delivering pure oxygen to the patient. Oxygen concentrators are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and at-home care settings. They are available in various sizes and specifications to meet the needs of different patients. Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh.

Breathe Easy with Top-Quality Oxygen Concentrators in Bangladesh

Oxygen concentrators have become increasingly popular in Bangladesh, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms often require oxygen therapy, and oxygen concentrators provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for delivering oxygen. They are also useful for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh.

Choosing the Right Oxygen Concentrator for Your Needs in Bangladesh

The price of oxygen concentrators in Bangladesh varies depending on the brand, model, and specifications. Some of the top brands of oxygen concentrators available in Bangladesh include Philips, Nidek, and Invacare. Prices can range from BDT 50,000 to BDT 150,000, depending on the specifications and features of the device. Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh.

Find Your Perfect Oxygen Concentrator at the Best Price in Bangladesh

When purchasing an oxygen concentrator, it is important to consider factors such as flow rate, purity of oxygen, and noise level. The flow rate refers to the amount of oxygen the device can deliver per minute, while purity refers to the percentage of oxygen in the air that is delivered to the patient. The noise level is also an important consideration, as some devices can be quite loud and may be disruptive to the patient. Oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh .


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